Feb 1, 2022 • 49M

Using Freemium Approach to Successfully Grow Your SaaS Business With Nikola Bojkov of EmbedSocial

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Bootstrapping your business can sometimes feel lonely. Bootstrapped European Entrepreneur podcast allows you to hear the stories of your peers, their strategies and tactics that have helped them grow their businesses.
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Some would be afraid to decide to close down a reputable agency with Facebook marketing partner status, drastically downsize and focus on scrappy startup. Not Nikola Bojkov and his co-founders at Embed Social. They went all in and a few years later they are profitable, bootstrapped and have a healthy suite of products focused on offering a way for user genereted content from social networks, to become a part of any website.

In this episode we discuss:

  • how they come up with the idea and unexpected way in which they validated it,

  • how freemium approach allowed for fast growth and how they approach converting users to paid version and

  • why and how they have raised prices multiple times.

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