Apr 5, 2022

How to Sell SaaS Exclusively Through the Partner Channel With marketgoo’s Wences Garcia

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Why decide not to sell directly to the end customer, but to use partners as the main sales channel?

In 2012, marketgoo started out developing do-it-yourself SEO tools for small and medium-sized businesses, and decided to quickly reach a larger potential customer base this way. A decade later, marketgoo successfully helps web presence providers of all sizes grow their businesses by providing DIY SEO tools for them to resell to their customers, and offers complementary solutions for partners as well.

In this episode, Wences Garcia, founder, head of Culture and GM at marketgoo, explains:

  • where the idea for their product came from,

  • what to focus on when selling through a distribution channel,

  • how they faced VC funded competitor as a bootstrapped company, and

  • how to be intentional about building your company’s culture.

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