May 3, 2022 • 1M

The End of Season 1

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Bootstrapping your business can sometimes feel lonely. Bootstrapped European Entrepreneur podcast allows you to hear the stories of your peers, their strategies and tactics that have helped them grow their businesses.
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We have officially come to the end of the first season of the Bootstrapped European Entrepreneurs podcast. The podcast will be on hiatus at least until the fall of this year.

I would like to thank three groups in particular who made this first season possible. First, I want to thank you, the listeners. The number of downloads of this podcast has been a surprise.

Then I would like to thank all the guests who took the time to share their story with us.

And last but not least, special thanks to DHH, the company behind this podcast. I believe that even though DHH is public company, it still has the bootstrapper’s mentality and provides a great home for its member companies, allowing them to maintain their identity and thrive independently.

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