Mar 8, 2022 • 47M

Abandoning Passive Income Projects in Favor of Building a Software Development Consultancy with Senad Šantić of ZenDev

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Senad Šantić started pursuing ideal of passive income while being a student. He later realized that he wants to build something more, which led to co-founding of ZenDev, a software development consultancy from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Looking ahead he decided that it would make sense to diversify into their own prodcuts which let two more startups: Avidnote and Robinize.

In this episode we talk about:

  • his first entrepreneurial projects in Sweden, which still provide him with passive income,

  • what led him to start a business in Bosnia and Herzegovina and how he went about it and

  • the reasons behind and the approach they took to the development of their own products and

  • how to set-up a working relationship between partners in a joint venture.

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