Dec 21, 2021 • 47M

How to Turn Software Consultancy Into SaaS Studio Focused on Building Its Own Products With Dejan Murko of Niteo

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Bootstrapping your business can sometimes feel lonely. Bootstrapped European Entrepreneur podcast allows you to hear the stories of your peers, their strategies and tactics that have helped them grow their businesses.
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Can early success be an obstacle in your entrepreneurial journey? In this episode, our guest Dejan Murko, co-founder and project lead at SaaS studio Niteo, answers this question by sharing his personal experience. In this episode we cover:

  • their journey from software consultancy to self-funded SaaS studio,

  • the mindset that helps them efficiently manage a completely remote team, and

  • why they opted for complete financial transparency and completely eliminated salary negotiations by developing a Niteo salary calculator.

Since we recorded the episode, Niteo team actually launched a new product. Dejan’s latest SaaS is an app that helps you avoid common security mistakes on your Mac.

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