Jan 18, 2022 • 1HR 7M

From Helping a Local BBS to Governing Internet as an ICANN Board Member With Danko Jevtović

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Bootstrapping your business can sometimes feel lonely. Bootstrapped European Entrepreneur podcast allows you to hear the stories of your peers, their strategies and tactics that have helped them grow their businesses.
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In this episode, we sit down with Danko Jevtović, an entrepreneur turned manager. He co-founded several companies, most notably Jugodata, one of the first companies to sell computers in Serbia, and SezamPro, an ISP founded at a time when BBSes were all the rage.

During the conversation we talk about:

  • getting started by serving the community that had gathered around Sezam BBS,

  • growth through educating the market,

  • the importance of helping to build middle management,

  • how to recognize the change in the market as the right time to exit the business,

  • how Danko's life has changed since leaving the business...

  • how he began to think differently about himself...

We end our conversation with Danko's opinion on the pitfalls of startup culture and why Danko would never advise starting a company with the intention of selling it.

Book mentioned in the episode: Managing Corporate Lifecycles: Complete Edition, Ichak Adizes

Where to find Danko: Twitter, LinkedIN

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