Why Bootstrapped European Entrepreneurs podcast?

To answer this question, we must first introduce ourselves. At DHH, we are big fans of founders who have chosen the bootstrapping route for their business. And why?

Well, for starters, all of DHH's co-founders bootstrapped their businesses as well before combining their knowledge, experience, and even their businesses to form DHH. So we are a little biased ... :-)

Since DHH is a group that also grows through acquisitions, we have talked to many founders from our region over the past few years. We have come to the conclusion that the successful bootstrapped founders are the "special forces" of the entrepreneurial world.

We also know that bootstrapping the business can be a frustrating, exhausting experience, but on the other hand, if done right, it can be fulfilling and give the founder a great deal of independence.

With this podcast, we want to showcase the members of this great community and learn from their stories.

About DHH

DHH is a decentralized thematic conglomerate where member companies retain their leadership, autonomy, branding and market positioning.  For over 5 years we have been successfully building a place where entrepreneurs exchange innovations and know-how while remaining autonomous and independent businesses. Today, DHH Group provides a wide range of top-quality cloud products to over 100.000 clients across Southeast Europe and is listed on the Italian Stock Exchange.

About podcast host

Uroš Čimžar is a life-long entrepreneur and co-founder of DHH. 

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